I'm cycling the world for mental health
"People say ‘fit body, fit mind.’ As someone who suffers from anxiety, I know exercise can help. But I’m going to take it a step further. My name's Neil Sharp-Dent and I’m cycling around the whole world, turning my physical effort into funds for Mind to help other people struggling with mental health. For me, it’s worrying on a whole new scale.”

A childhood dream fulfilled, I've always wanted to ride From London to Laos, Bombay to Belarus, Kathmandu to Cape Town and Amsterdam to Athens.  Relying on nothing but pedal power, motivation and self drive powering an epic solo cycle around the globe. Pedalling out beyond the horizon proving the only barriers are in our own mind.



Inspiring others to break through their own personal mental barriers is only the start, along the way I will hold talks about my journey both in the seat and my own personal challenges, I’ll also be raising money for Mind.


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As I see it, the stress we put on our planet is putting more and more stress on us all, every single day. As a strict vegan, I will rely solely on plant power to push my pedals. That’s pretty worrying, given that I’ll be burning 10,000 calories a day. More worrying still, I’ll make every attempt to refuse fossil fuel transport too.



Sometimes the front door felt like the biggest barrier…anxiety has a habit of making small things big … in our own minds.